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Teaching: Recognitions

Orienting the leaders of the future

My teaching philosophy in class highlights learning and continuous interaction while committing to students' inclusiveness and diversity. I trust the importance to cultivate practical skills while fostering theoretical knowledge, critical thinking and moral awareness that will help my students improve in their corporate as well as personal lives. I reach these teaching objectives by conflating a number of different techniques that bring the material to life for the students. These include cases, discussions about how students are currently using the material, end-of-term reflection pieces and simulations, in addition to traditional exams and quizzes.

I particularly enjoy customizing education material for the students, ensuring it aligns with the latest trends in research and practice. For instance, I developed in 2015 a simulation activity that involves a real time negotiation among different groups of students. This mirrors the work of international buyers, local apparel executives and non-governmental organizations in emerging markets.

Likewise, I also believe in the importance to give time to students. For instance, during the Executive MBA course in at Stockholm School of Economics I have developed a specific feedback-based system of evaluation, which gives value to critical reflection.

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