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Global Citizen: Recognitions

Global Citizen

My love for the world and its diversity is mirrored in my mindset and lifestyle. I have been blessed by the opportunity to live in three different continents and more than ten countries in my life. Thanks to that, I have learned how to communicate in different languages and I have been exposed to numerous perspectives that have often questioned and helped me reconsider my own beliefs.

I have always been enthusiastic about discovering new contexts while interacting with different individuals from all over the world. I am particularly driven by the opportunity to learn from others, but I am also thrilled when I can use my research and teaching to support them. My exposure to the world has made me even more aware of social challenges, e.g., poverty and gender inequality, and environmental challenges, e.g., climate change. I see my research as a means to achieve long-term change for those who need it the most.

Although I define myself as a global citizen, I am particularly fascinated by the Asian culture. It is in Asia that I conduct much of my research and where I feel I can really contribute to make our world a better place.

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