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Seeking change


In defining corporate social responsibility initiatives and their beneficiaries in supply chains, my research follows the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development goals* (SDGs) as overarching guidelines. It particularly connects with SDG number five (gender equality), SDG number eight (decent work and economic growth) and SDG number eleven (responsible consumption and production).

I value the importance of maintaining and growing relations with different types of stakeholders. While they can be particularly beneficial to support my research, I also believe my research and work can support them to glean visibility and/or to learn how to achieve change. In doing so, my work offers suggestions that can lead to practical and implementable solutions to create social change.

In Bangladesh I am for instance in touch with different types of executives in the apparel industry. These are change agents whose CSR activities predominantly focus on women workers and their communities.

Both in Japan and in Sweden, I am touch with multiple CSR managers from numerous companies. These often work as middle managers in their local and international organizations who respond to their top managers and other employees.